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Aimee Pharr, Speech-Language Pathologist
Little Girl Reading a Book
Speaking Practice
Speech Therapy
Little Boy Receiving Written Language Instruction
Family centered speech therapy


the ability to understand and be understood is at the heart of every relationship

holding hands speech therapy

serves families with children ages 18 months to 12 years with needs in speech, language, and literacy using a family-centered, evidence-based approach to evaluation and treatment. Holding Hands Speech specializes in diagnostics, offering comprehensive evaluations for Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs), and also provides structured literacy instruction and remediation. We value the connection and relationship with our families and believe that children grow best in an environment of trust, transparency, and collaboration. Diagnostic and therapy services are conducted in a comfortable setting with a trusted and experienced therapist at a convenient location in Arnold, just outside of Annapolis, Maryland.
Family-Centered Speech Therapy
Little boy playing with trains during p-based speech therapy
Little boy playing a game during play-based speech therapy
Stuttering group for children in speech therapy
Child Playing with beads during speech therapy
Holding Hands Speech


Holding Hands Speech offers free initial consultations

by phone, in-person,

or virtually to determine your needs and formulate the best path forward -- together. Schedule a free consultation or literacy screening here. If you need additional times, please contact the office at 410.417.7310.

Holding Hands Speech


Holding Hands Speech provides precise and thorough evaluations in the areas of articulation, stuttering, language,

reading, and writing, using standardized assessments, extension testing, informal procedures, and an in-depth analysis of patterns of performance. We complete Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) and also provide

IEP & Assessment Reviews on a consultative basis.

Holding Hands Speech


Holding Hands Speech provides individual and small group sessions based on client and family needs. Special groups for stuttering and structured literacy reading instruction are offered at various times throughout the year. Please contact the office at to ask about current opportunities and future availability.

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