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the ability to understand and be understood is at the heart of every relationship

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works to establish a positive and flexible environment, using evidence-based practices, where children and their families become active partners in the learning process, feel comfortable taking risks, and develop the ability to transfer what they learn into their everyday lives
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Speech therapy for the whole family in Arnold, Maryland
Group speech therapy for stuttering and reading
Walking Together with the speech pathologist
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Holding Hands Speech provides a free initial consultation by phone,

in-person, or virtually to determine needs and formulate the best path forward -- together.


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Holding Hands Speech provides comprehensive evaluations of speech, language, and literacy,

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs), and

IEP & Assessment Reviews.

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Speech and language therapy is provided in private, individual or small group sessions. Holding Hands Speech believes in working collaboratively with the family and other professionals for the best possible outcomes.